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Kumpulan Shimeji Anime

Posted by : ocha_ryuk
Download Psyche
Password : dreams

Download Tsugaru
Password : fuyugeshiki

Download Hibiya
Password : shimehibi

Download Izanyan
Password : izanyan

Download Shizuwan
Password : shizuwan

Download Psyche
Password : egomapsy

Download Tsugaru

Download Hachimenroppi

Download Tsukiroppi
1st link Roppi, 2nd is Tsuki

Download Deliciya
1st link password : hibiya
2nd link password : delic

Download Izaya
Password: love_138

Download Mikado Pen
Password : mikadokyun

Download Mikado Bunny
Password: usmk01

Download Mikado Chubby
Password : mkd

Download Masaomi Chubby
Password : omisimezi

Go to website

Download Xiah Junsu
Password : naejqoo

Download Mickey Yoochun
Password : naejqoo
Download Ano Hana

Axis Powers Hetalia

Download Japan

Download England

Download China
China shimeji with Russia bonuses. DON'T MISS IT.

Download Russia

Download GerIta
Password : OHANA

Download GerIta Pairing
Password : お花

Download Usaroma
Find this ■DLはこちらから■

Download Usarisu
Add 'h' to the a-i.xii.jp link

Download Baby Al
Password : 0704

Download Philippines (OC)

Ao No Exorcist

Download Okumura Twins
Password : simeyukirin
Add 'h' to the axfc.net link
Rename 'imgani' to 'img'
Copy other shimeji folder and replace the 'img'

img.zip 498.0KB (Password : mephisto_simezi)
img.zip 496.4KB (Password : amaimon_simezi)
Copy other shimeji folder and replace the 'img'

Download Rin
Password : rinshime


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